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Last updated on April 15, 2019

Marche Experience


We are immensely happy for our students who are on an overnight field studies experience in the Le Marche region, in central Italy.

One of Italy’s lesser-known regions, Le Marche boasts a wonderful geographical diversity and is the perfect place to study sustainability, biodiversity, and the Mediterranean diet. Although it was recently hit by several devastating earthquakes, it continues to be resilient and has made a lot of progress to restore the land. In fact, we are happy to have designed this experiential experience with highly qualified professionals who are passionate about supporting the region’s success in the international market.

The agritourism hosting our students is a key place for the study of the Mediterranean Diet, and its owner Roberto Ferretti is a renowned expert on wild herbal plants as well as an ambassador of Le Marche’s food culture around the world through his project, Marche in Valigia. Our students had the chance to learn from him through a cooking class which focused on local ingredients, customs, practices, tradition, and food culture – the very topics that the students are currently studying.

Our students also have the opportunity to meet with local producers and farm owners to see and learn about the production of wine, cheese, olive oil as well as animal breeding practices.

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