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Gustolab: Food Systems & Sustainability
Gustolab: Food Systems & Sustainability
Gustolab: Food Systems & Sustainability

The GUSTOLAB : FOOD SYSTEMS & SUSTAINABILITY (GLI) cluster investigates food systems and sustainability, fields which simultaneously involve the physical place (which produces food), the people and cities (which consume the food) and the technology (used in its production, processing and distribution). 

Since 2005, when our first program on Food and Culture in Italy was launched (with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) this field of study has increased in importance by becoming fundamentally interdisciplinary, and therefore many food-related study abroad programs are now flourishing as a response to the increasing awareness and demand in society.

Gustolab Founder and CEO says “As an Italian, I know the importance of food culture in Italy and have always considered this country to be the perfect laboratory for studies related to food.”


Our courses, internships & programs in the GLI cluster will help you to appreciate food as a cultural product of Italy but also to use food as an instrument of analysis of our economy, society and politics. Our wide variety of courses in the GLI cluster include:

GLI 201 Italian Food & Culture

GLI 202 Nutrition in the Mediterranean world.

GLI 203 Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

GLI 299 Food production: Olive Oil, Wine.


GLI 301 UN SDGs: the Italian Context

GLI 302 Sustainable Business Marketing in Italy

GLI 303 Food & Digital Media. 

GLI 401 Critical Studies on Food: from Production to Waste

GLI 402 Critical Studies on Food: Food Waste in Italy

GLI 403 Food Media, Communication & Trends 

GLI 404 Food, Nutrition & Culture in Italy

GLI 105 Japanese Culinary Practices & the Sensible World

GLI 106 Osaka the Story of Food: A Field Study

“While there are other food and culture programs available, Gustolab sets itself apart by offering a unique credit-based curriculum that invites students to experience Italy from an insider’s perspective. Courses and excursions are thoughtfully planned, including trips to family-run organic farms, fisheries and vineyards that represent both the past and the future of Italy’s food culture. This is indeed a rare opportunity — one that many of us wish we could have had ourselves when we were students!”

Dr. Elena T. Carbone, UMass Amherst, Visiting professor of Gustolab's Summer course “Food, Nutrition and Culture”

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