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Scholarships & Aid



Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability offers a merit-based scholarship. We will also work with your home institutions to facilitate the use of grants or scholarships from your university on our programs. If you receive financial aid, you may be able to defer payment until your institution disburses financial aid to you. Deferment will depend, in part, on the amount of aid to be received. Please contact us if we can be helpful in this area.


Additional grants and scholarships
Numerous organizations provide scholarships for study abroad as well as studies or research in food systems and sustainability.
Some examples are:


We would like to thank the following sponsors and donors who have contributed to our 2018 Japan program scholarship program:

  • Fukushima Katsuo Co., Ltd.
  • Fukushima Industries Corp.
  • Mac Corporation
  • Chlorella Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Relife Corporation
  • Kondi Co., Ltd.
  • Taikotei Co., Ltd.
  • Myyuki Co., Ltd.
  • Miyako International Tourist Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Food Peptide Institute Inc.
  • Nakamuraen
  • Smile Circle
  • Toyoshoji


Are you interested in applying to one of our programs or would you like to contribute towards our scholarship program?
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