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Fall Programs Starting Soon

Gustolab International is happy to welcome students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges who will be studying in Rome with us this fall. The rich program comprises courses in Photography, Visual Culture and Sustainability and will take the group of fortunate students and their professor to exciting destination around Rome, Naples and the Veneto. 

Food Tasting

Euro 199 Smart Cities 2022

Gustolab International and Architect Tom Rankin continue to collaborate with the University of Illinois European Center to design and teach the course EURO 199 on Smart Cities. Rome doesn’t at first glance seem a candidate for such studies but as Europe’s oldest continually operating capital city it is certainly one of the most resilient cities….Read More

Milano Piazza

Cornell University 2021 Internships Successfully Completed

Gustolab has teamed up with the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Global Fellows Program which “supports CALS undergraduate​students from any major in pursuit of ​challenging, professionally focused summer ​internships and research placements that enhance and complement their career goals and academic progress, while enriching their undergraduate experience with diverse cultural and international immersion.”…Read More

Staff Vaccinations

In Italy, COVID-19 vaccinations are available to educators and our staff is currently receiving vaccinations. As per our policy, we will require all faculty to be vaccinated. Gustolab International takes our committment to safety seriously and we are happy to be part of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.   Learn about our update regarding student vaccinations….Read More

Staff getting vaccinated

Update on 2022 programs

Gustolab International continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus pandemic globally, particularly in Italy, Japan and Vietnam. We take the implications of COVID-19 seriously. We are in constant contact with authorities and partners in our ongoing efforts to assess the situation and provide a safe environment for program participants. This is all being done in the…Read More

Students in the field with vegetables

Student life: Working out and sports in Rome

Want to play sports in Rome? There are lots of opportunities for students to stay fit in Rome, and many want to usually join a sports team. We have listed some tools that Romans and foreigners in Rome use to scout for teams to join. Fubles app (available also on US store) – social sport…Read More

Travel Planning: Packing checklist

Never has a student complained about packing too little for their study abroad program. Over-packing is a classic mistake in study abroad. Also, remember that you must be able to carry on your own whatever luggage you bring with you. A good rule to go by is to lay out all the items you think you…Read More

Travel Planning: Using Money in Italy

As you plan to travel to Italy, you are probably thinking of how to budget and use money. Below, we are listing some basic information and some tips about actions you need to take before traveling.   The Euro: As part of the European Union, Italy’s currency is the Euro. The Euro functions much like the…Read More

Explore locations: Italy

Why study abroad in Italy?   What comes to your mind when you think about Italy? Delicious food? Yes! Culture, art and history? Yes! Venice and Florence? Yes, correct. But these answers are only one aspect of Italy.   When talking about art and architecture in Italy, we can mention a few names: the Sistine…Read More

Explore locations: Rome

Rome went from being papal city to a national symbol as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy to the capital of a new republic to global reference point for the central theme proposed by the EXPO 2015: Food. It is headquarters to the major UN organizations dealing with Food Security, Agriculture and Sustainable Development:…Read More