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GLi update on Spring, Summer & Fall 2020 programs

Gustolab International continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus pandemic globally, particularly in Italy, Japan and Vietnam. We take the implications of COVID-19 seriously. We are in constant contact with authorities and partners in our ongoing efforts to assess the situation and provide a safe environment for program participants. This is all being done in the…Read More

Students in the field with vegetables

Working out and sports in Rome

Want to play sports in Rome? There are lots of opportunities for students to stay fit in Rome, and many want to usually join a sports team. We have listed some tools that Romans and foreigners in Rome use to scout for teams to join. Fubles app (available also on US store) – social sport…Read More

Packing checklist

Never has a student complained about packing too little for their study abroad program. Over-packing is a classic mistake in study abroad. Also, remember that you must be able to carry on your own whatever luggage you bring with you. A good rule to go by is to lay out all the items you think you…Read More

Using Money in Italy

The Euro: As part of the European Union, Italy’s currency is the Euro. The Euro functions much like the U.S. dollar, in that it is subdivided into 100 cents. There are eight euro coins denominated in 1 and 2 euros, then 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 cent. There are seven euro notes and each is…Read More

Explore locations: Italy

Why study abroad in Italy? What comes to your mind when you think about Italy? Delicious food? Yes! Culture, art and history? Yes! Venice and Florence? Yes, correct. These answers are only part of an idea someone can have about Italy. Italy is a country of excellence. Thanks to its ‘Made in Italy’ products, Italy…Read More

Explore locations: Rome

Why are we headquartered in Rome? Rome has a historical role in Food. It went from being papal city to a national symbol as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy to the capital of a new republic to global reference point for the central theme proposed by the EXPO 2015: Food. It is headquarters…Read More

Spring Break Program 2019

On Sunday March 17, we welcomed to Rome the University of Illinois Gies Business School students for their Spring Break program “The Business and Culture of Food”. The students arrived in Rome on Sunday afternoon and got right to it with a food tour in the historical center of Rome. They got to learn about…Read More

MDR goes to Rome: Can health be contagious?

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is an international annual conference about sharing scientific contributions and practices on health benefits of Mediterranean Diet on people’s health and wellness. This year the conference will take place on November 9, 2018 at Roma Expo Salus and Nutrition 2018, Fiera di Roma. Both local and global scholars and trend…Read More

Building Resilience in Study Abroad

The workshop, lead by Phil Georgiou, Psychotherapist and Director of Mondo Equilibrio focused on the concept of mental health, in the context of study abroad. It is crucial to support students’ coping with all the challenges they face during their study abroad, talkig with them about helth and well-being. It is important to help student…Read More

Buoni da leggere Talk

Buoni da Leggere is an evening of discussion around the theme of our daily relationship with diet and the supply chain. The idea is to reeducate our tastes. The book ‘Ecology of Desire’ by Antonio Cianciullo will be presented by the author. Beginning with environmental sustainability, there will be discussions about the social responsibility of…Read More