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For Parents


Your son or daughter is about to embark on a life changing experience. The opportunity to study and be immersed in a foreign culture provides multiple chances to not only learn about Italy and critical food studies, but to also learn about oneself. Students return with more self-confidence, with the ability to communicate in a new language as well as “International” English, to feel at home in new places and to feel comfortable in new situations. These new skills and world views will help your student be successful for a lifetime as well as set your student apart as they enter the work place.

We know it can be difficult to “let go,” especially when your child is going off to a foreign country. Take a deep breath and know that this experience will allow your child to grow, to learn to solve small problems and be confident in his/her ability to think through decisions – all attributes future employers are look for.

Our vision

A leading pioneer in developing Food and Sustainability study and internship abroad programs. Our programs are in Italy, Japan and Vietnam. Students emerge from our programs with skills and experiences that can be implemented in their future studies and careers.

What We Do

We develop and implement higher education Food and Sustainability programs in Italy. We provide customized internships from one to four months-time. GLi is also research center, providing a space and means for graduate students, professors and experts in the field. 

Safety, Health and Wellness

The safety, health and wellness of our students is a priority at GLi. We are the most experienced organization in Italy working with US universities in the areas of food systems and sustainability. We understand university students from the US and other countries and the challenges they face in Italy.


Through our trusted providers, we strive to facilitate housing that provides students with the opportunity to live in a peer community in fully equipped apartments in vibrant, local neighborhoods. Locations are in nearby residential areas to encourage students to integrate into the local community.
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