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Credits & Transcripts


Before applying, students should consult with their home institution about credit recognition and transfer procedures and requirements for study abroad. Gustolab International will assist students in this process by working with the home institution to facilitate credit recognition. Syllabi are available upon request. Ultimately home institutions will determine credit. No program fee refunds will be made for any reason regarding the Credit Transfer procedures at the student’s home institution.

After successful completion of their courses or academic internship at GLi, students will receive a Record of Study from GLi. The Record of Study includes a course list and letter grades. It takes approximately two weeks to process. The Record of Study will then be sent to the address indicated by the student.

Portland State University is the School of Record for Gustolab International. Transcripts may be available from Portland State University for an additional fee. 

Students will receive GLi’s Record of Study approximately two weeks after the end of the program. Students who have requested a transcript and have already paid the credit transfer fee will receive the transcript directly from Portland State University after the end of the program. Students planning to use credits earned on a study abroad program to graduate from their home institution should consult with the appropriate staff at the home institution BEFORE attendance.

GLi reserves the right to withold the record of study in the case of unpaid balances due or any type of outstanding debts.



At the completion of the internship, all participants will receive a Record of Study from Gustolab International. This will contain a letter grade. Students are asked to keep detailed records of their study and to make them available to home institutions. Student often receive 2 to 12 credits depending on the length of the internship.

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