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Study abroad in Italy

Spring & Summer 2023 Open for applications


Jan 12  – May 6, 2023

Courses: Learn about available course options for Summer 2022

Tuition: See pdf


May 26 – July 22, 2023

Courses: Learn about available course options for Fall 2022

Tuition: See pdf


The Gustolab experience is unique and unlike other study abroad experiences I learned the value of Italian culture and being immersed into a new environment I’ve come more independent and stronger.

Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Participate in an interdisciplinary program that fosters dialogue among students from different fields of study and backgrounds
  • Gain an international working experience through our Academic Internship
  • Get immersed through experiential visits, practicums, and overnight field studies
  • Interact and learn directly from specialists and experts
  • Receive an official transcript from Portland State University (PSU), our School of Record.
  • Get support from a learning facilitator who will help you get acclimated to your  new life studying abroad and will provide cross-cultural education and mediation.
  • Live in shared housing in furnished apartments in the Rome city center
  • Take advantage of our logistical support such as a group airport pickup and transfer, check-in support, and housing orientation

Apply now!

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply early as there are several advantages to doing so including receipt of an admissions decision early enough to allow for sufficient travel planning time to save on airline tickets, and sufficient visa processing time.


Gustolab Interntional and the Borromini Institute offer students, faculty and independent scholars a base in the heart of Rome to pursue field studies in the disciplines that are changing the world, from food systems and sustainability to interdisciplinary studies of place, people, cities and technology. Learn more.


In all our programs, the integration of coursework, fieldwork, and projects affords participants a unique perspective for engaging Italy. This engagement is driven by personal experience in markets, neighborhoods, and rural areas as well as reflection on important and timely academic issues.


Our course catalog includes courses from our 4 clusters as well as academic internships in Rome or other cities or towns in Italy. In addition, we offer Italian language courses in collaboration with the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome. We accept applications from university students (both undergraduate and graduate) from all fields of study. Scholars, researchers & professionals are also encouraged to inquire. Moreover, individualized courses of study can be arranged for those with special curricular interests or needs.

critical field learning abroad

All our programs include:

  • experiential activities, practicums, overnight field studies outside of Rome and other regions of Italy, meetings with specialists and experts
  • shared housing in furnished apartments in the Rome city center
  • group airport pickup and transfer, check-in support, housing orientation
  • a learning facilitator to support students in their new life studying abroad and to provide cross-cultural education and mediation.
  • safety and wellness support
  • and more!

covid-19, safety & wellness

We, along with many other American universities, have successfully conducted Fall 2021 programming in Italy. This shows that with the necessary precautions and procedures in place, it is possible to create an optimal environment for onsite programming. Therefore, our plan is to provide onsite programming in the environs of Rome with excursions, lectures, and guest speakers.  If for whatever reason, the ‘on-site’ version of the course is canceled, we will shift to the virtual version of courses that will be offered ‘at a distance’ from Rome or Italy. We successfully did this in the spring of 2020. Learn more about our Covid-19 protocols.

application process and eligibility

Our programs are open to all students. Learn more

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