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Visa & Permits


Visa requirements depend on student nationality and the period of study. Gustolab International will assist students in this process.


If you are an international student in the U.S. or are applying from outside the U.S., you will need to obtain a Student Visa at your nearest Consulate or Embassy.  


We will issue a Letter of Enrollment for you if you are accepted into one of our programs and have committed to the program so that you are able to apply for a Student Visa.


The student is held responsible for obtaining the study visa. If a visa is required, you must bring a copy of all documents presented at the Consulate or Embassy with you to present to our office where you are attending our programs.



Attending one of our study abroad programs in Italy?


Once in Italy, both the visa and the documents you presented to the consulate receive your visa will be used to request a “Permesso di Soggiorno” (permit of stay) from the Immigration Office. Some shorter stays will only require a “Dichiarazione di Presenza” instead of the permesso di soggiorno. In this case, only a passport is necessary. Gustolab International staff will assist with both requests upon arrival in Rome.



Attending one of our academic internship programs in Italy?


Italy and the European Union strictly define internship categories and sponsorship. GL International will provide guidance on any internship-related documentation that must be compiled such as internship assessment questionnaires and attendance registers.  Students will be required to complete all application paperwork before their arrival in Italy.



Attending one of our programs in Japan or Vietnam?


Gustolab International and local staff will inform you of any additional documents you must bring with you that may be needed to complete local paperwork.

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