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Human Rights Lab: Equity and Social Justice

The city of Rome has long been a battleground for civil rights, a melting pot of multicultural diversity and revolutionary power struggles. Home to the Vatican as well as Capital of Italy, Rome provides ample opportunities to investigate questions of human culture, equity and social justice.


HRL 101 Social Justice in Italy



HRL 201 Contemporary Italy: Culture & Society

HRL 301 Smart Cities and Participation: Urban planning for Equity in Italy

HRL 401 Refugee Flows at the Mediterranean Crossroads

“We no longer conceive the elementary particle of identity in itself, but in the interplay of differences, discovering with astonishment that our identities play the game of differences, at least, as much as they rest upon the immanence of the identical. In this new region of the world, differences do not contrast, they unity.”

Édouard Glissant

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