We take pride in having created a reliable network of community, academic and scientific partners. Through this network we give students the opportunity to explore experiential learning and to create ties with local and national organizations connected to Food Systems and Sustainability. 

Our Affiliations


Learn about the associations, non profit organizations and startups we work with to create tailored learning opportunities that bring the community and the students together in a beneficial exchange.


Find out who our academic scientific partners are and which Universities we collaborate with. Learn how to become an affiliated University and create your custom program.


Discover which organizations we belong to or support and read about some of our national and global partners such as the Association for the study of Food and Society and NAFSA.

Want to become one of our partners?

Whether you are an academic institution, an association, a local start up, a non profit organization or much more contact us and we will be happy to welcome you in our network.

Sponsor a Student

We believe in the importance of studying abroad and hope that all students, regardless of their financial background, could take part in this life-changing experience. If you would like to help a student have this opportunity, get in touch with us and support a student to make a positive change in his or her education. 

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