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Tech Lab: Media, Design and Technology
Tech Lab: Media, Design and Technology
Tech Lab: Media, Design and Technology

The tech lab focuses on new technologies for a connected digital world and smart cities. You will learn about innovation from a technical point of view but also with considerations of human culture, or design, and communications. Courses will present a European or Mediterranean perspective on progress, aimed not for newness value but to benefit human stakeholders and reduce our negative impact on the environment. 

“While there are other food and culture programs available, Gustolab sets itself apart by offering a unique credit-based curriculum that invites students to experience Italy from an insider’s perspective. Courses and excursions are thoughtfully planned, including trips to family-run organic farms, fisheries and vineyards that represent both the past and the future of Italy’s food culture. This is indeed a rare opportunity — one that many of us wish we could have had ourselves when we were students!”

Dr. Elena T. Carbone, UMass Amherst, Visiting professor of Gustolab's Summer course “Food, Nutrition and Culture”
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