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All our programs include housing accommodations. Through our trusted providers, we strive to facilitate housing that provides students with the opportunity to live in a peer community in fully equipped apartments in vibrant, local neighborhoods. Locations are in nearby residential areas to encourage students to integrate into the local community. All accommodations are within walking or commuting distance of the school.


In Rome, your apartment is in a typical neighborhood and resources such as pharmacies, hospitals, ATM machines, public transportation, supermarkets, and restaurants are all within comfortable exploring distance. Housing is Roman in nature. This means no two apartments are alike. Floor plans and furnishings will vary.

Accommodations include:

  • Furnished bedrooms including sheets, blankets, and pillows
  • Furnished kitchen/living area.
  • Kitchens include a refrigerator, stove, sink, pots, pans, dishes and cutlery. Your kitchen will have an adequate supply for the number of people in the apartment.
  • Washing machine and drying rack (no dryer).
  • 1 bathroom for every two-three students to share. The bathrooms include a toilet, bidet, and either a shower or bathtub.
  • WiFi Internet access. Please note: Apartments come with WiFi, but providers in Rome may also mean spotty service, not the consistent access you may be used to on your home campus.
  • Closet space to accommodate a reasonable amount of clothing and luggage.
  • In some apartments there will be a separate living room and kitchen. In other cases, the kitchen/living area is open plan with a shared kitchen and sitting area etc.

Cleaning staff comes by once a week to help you clean the apartment (general surfaces, kitchen bathrooms, floors). For questions or service requests for housing in Rome, students can get in touch with ‘Your Place in Rome (YPR).The YPR team is available to address questions, concerns or to respond to service requests such as repairs.


Housing during our internship programs include options for living outside of the city center, at a farm, and at an agriturismo.



For our open enrollment programs, we offer the option to opt-out of program housing.


During our short summer program in Japan, students live in homestays with local host families in Osaka.



Students who attend our Vietnam program, will stay in hotels and student dormitories as they travel through the different cities.


Want to read more testimonials from our students? Visit our Alumni Reviews page.

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