Fermentation in Italy & Japan 2023



Fermentation in Italy & Japan: Tradition and Innovation

A Symposium/ Workshop in Rome, Italy


Academic Presentations and Workshops:  Thur May 11 – 12, 2023 

Cost: $300/person

Optional Practicum (Field Study): Saturday May 13, 2023

Cost: $500/person (minimum 12 paying participants)

The Borromini Institute seeks presentations for its inaugural Symposium/Workshop to be held in the spring of 2023.  This Symposium, focusing on fermentation practices in Italy and Japan, extends Gustolab International’s  long-term interest in food studies to include microbial fermentation.  Recent advances in core sciences have provided us with new ways of understanding the roles of single-cell organisms in preserving food and, by drawing comparisons between Italy and Japan, we hope to build on the strengths of still viable fermentation communities in both of these cultural and environmental areas. It should be noted that while fermentation communities are experiencing a rebirth they have been placed at risk by the depopulation of rural areas in both Italy and Japan.


Organized by Borromini Institute, Gustolab International, and the Food Studies College of Japan

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