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Last updated on April 15, 2019

Il Degustabirra al Mercato Centrale


Last night, our internship students from UIUC had the opportunity to attend a beer tasting event called ‘Degustabirra’ at Mercato Centrale presented by Mauro Discepolo, the Beer Culture Manager at Heineken. The evening included a detailed presentation about the process of beer making following by a beer tasting. Mauro explained with detail the steps and materials necessary to make beer, as well as the differences between a number of varieties. He went further to explain the role of foam in beer, specific glasses for serving different kinds and its composition. Mauro also explained his role in the beer world, and the history of Moretti beer, which was recently acquired by Heineken. Then began the tasting, which included five different varieties of Moretti beer, from a White Weiss, to Red, a Lager, an IPA and a Caramel Malt. The tasting was accompanied by cheese and bread, as well as tiramisu alongside the slightly sweet caramel malt beer. Mauro was highly interactive with the group, asking each student their feedback after each beer. All in all, it was a very fun, informative event, and was much enjoyed by the whole crew from Gustolab.

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