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JOB POSTING at the moment we are fully staffed.

Gustolab: Food Systems and Sustainability

Gustolab: Food Systems & SustainabilityGustolab: Food Systems & SustainabilityGustolab: Food Systems & Sustainability Previo

HOUSING – Covid19

HOUSING – COVID19 This page contains information that is relevant to all students. It will be updated regularly. What’s incl


COVID-19 As of December 1, 2021, roughly 45.7 million people in Italy were fully vaccinated against COVID-19, corresponding to 84.6...

Academic Internships abroad

Throughout the year, we offer a rich variety of customized academic internships. For undergraduate and graduate students interested in f

Student Life

HOUSING All our programs include housing accommodations. Through our trusted providers, we strive to facilitate housing that provides st

Direct Enroll Study & Intern Abroad

ITALY Experience Rome with us through our study abroad programs in the spring, summer, or fall. Visit unique sites outside...