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The mission of Gustolab International is to promote research and education on food studies and sustainability, especially as it relates to experiential programs for undergraduate or graduate students, as well as for faculty. We have excellent networks across Italy and can assist researchers in establishing contacts. We also have visiting teaching appointments which can be used to explore or develop research projects.

Share knowledge about food systems, sustainability and food culture and create research projects that give an added value to the academic programs of students. 

Give visibility to food movements and food topics by providing and promoting ideas.

Create concrete actions in reference to the Italian territory by involving all universities (Italian and International) to work together to follow the directives of Universities Fighting World Hunger by creating new research goals and a plan towards concrete outcomes.

Allow students to become major players in important research projects. Give them resources and opportunities to study culture and politics of food, as well as sustainability in Italy.

Increase the level of awareness of international students on the topic of food and sustainability in Italy and therefore, help them to integrate with the territory through their knowledge of local culture and issues.

Create research projects and new academic programs that involve excellent examples and best practices and allow students to have unique and educational experiences.

Learn about current and past research initiatives and discover some of our research topics that culminated in publications.
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