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We work with universities to provide unique custom internships for students.

Dates: SPRING: January – May 2019, FALL: September – December 2019, SUMMER: June 24 – July 21, 2019, other dates available upon request.
Length: 4 (minimum), 8, 12 weeks, other options available upon request.
Credits: Depends on the length and type of internship, please work with your home university study abroad office to assure full credit.
Goals: Interns work in a specific field within an organization dealing with some aspect of food systems or sustainability. They also participate in a research symposium and carry out a research project. Learning objectives, professional development goals and expected results for the research project (advertising campaign, research project, educational plan for schools or a design for a new product and food system…) are designed together with the GLi academic director, the GLi mentor, and an onsite supervisor. During the internship, students have the opportunity to work at a farm, shop, institute, association headquarter, vineyard, cheese factory or other site and assist in the management of its operations. The internship helps students gain invaluable insight into the many aspects of agriculture, food business, food habits, and environmental policy issues in Italy. Students also learn about the organizational, cultural and social dynamics of organizations present in food and related fields in Italy. The intercultural nature of the internship gives students the opportunity to understand Italian culture and business practices. Students learn to identify solutions, create communication plans, and propose innovative products and services. Students will also design and complete their personal research project. No prior study of Italian is required, but in that students spend most of their time at the intern site, most interns acquire basic Italian skills. Language instruction is provided.
Cost:  Prices are competitive with other academic internships in Italy and depend on length.  The minimal period is four weeks ($4,243).   Our custom programs also include 8-week ($6,986) and 12-week ($9,229) options. If you are interested in other options, please contact Gustolab International at These prices include accommodations and some meals, mentoring, emergency assistance and logistical support but not international airfare.
Open to: Students interested in food studies, sustainability, food production, food systems, marketing, nutrition, psychology, and related fields.