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Before applying.  Pre-approval of credit recommendations

Before applying, students should consult with their home institution about credit recognition procedures and requirements for study abroad. Syllabi are available upon request. Gustolab International will assist students in this process by working with the home institution to facilitate credit recognition. Ultimately home institutions will determine credit.


After the program ends. Record of Study

Students will receive a Record of Study including program dates, a list of courses, and grades earned from Gustolab International approximately two weeks after the end of the program. Learn more


For students attending an academic internship program with Gustolab International

At the completion of the internship, all participants will receive a Record of Study from Gustolab International. This will contain a record of the number of hours students have spent on the internship and in language study and a recommended grade. Students are asked to keep detailed records of their study and to make them available to home institutions. Student often receive 3 to 12 credits depending on the length of the internship.


Are transcripts available?

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is the school of record for the Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer Program. Transcripts are available from the University of Massachusetts Amherst for an additional fee.  Learn more ›

Read a detailed course description of each course we offer during the year, completed by information on credit reccomendations, eligibility and course options.
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