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Our Winter and Spring break Programs consist of activities and tours designed to stimulate intellectual growth and develop analytical abilities of students and scholars. Unlike traditional and ” one term” study abroad programs which present material from a single field of study, Winter and Spring break activities draw ideas and information from many fields, addressing concerns common to all disciplines and recognizing no boundaries to thought and inquiry.

Our Winter and Spring break programs examine the historical and intellectual origins, growth and development of today’s food issues, the connections among them and consequences for the future. Our programs emphasize small group work and encourage a lively exchange of ideas. Students enjoy a close relationship with our faculty and with each other in a network of academic and personal support.

While students enjoy the advantages of a small, challenging program, they have access to all the resources including an internationally respected faculty, a library,  and a wide range of student services.

Examples of two successful spring break programs with OSWEGO SUNY Honor program:

2014, Hons 321 Rome MUSIC – FOOD – Italian CULTURE spring break with visiting professor Dr. Juan LaManna

2012, Hons Rome Fermentation science course with visiting professor Prof. Casey Raymond

“…thank you again for a great session…., it tied into the course content perfectly. Everything was great!” – Prof. Casey Raymond

Making ricotta