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NEWSLETTER FALL 2018- Gustolab International Newsletter Fall 2018

In the Fall 2018 Newsletter, Gustolab International presents upcoming open spring, summer and internship programs, gives an update on the vast variety of courses we held this year, and presents the many activities, events and new partnerships in which we are involved.
The newsletter begins with our most up to date course offerings, such as Spring and Summer Open Enrollment 2019, including our most recent addition of the summer program in Japan and also Vietnam. We welcomed many academic interns from all over the globe this year, studying topics as diverse as sustainability, food marketing, the mediterranean diet and even food writing. Academic interns presented their findings on topics as broad as food science & gelato, apiculture, food delivery start-ups and more.
Gustolab International was privileged to take part in a number of activities and events worldwide. This includes a variety of conferences on food system design, food insecurity, food waste and sustainable behavior, from around Italy to South America.
Additionally, we are pleased to announce new partnerships with PUSH (Presidents United to Solve Hunger), Intrecci (enology), Rise Against Hunger and Linaria (urban sustainable gardens).   

It has been an action packed season and we are looking forward to the next things on the horizon here at Gli!

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