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GLi’s headquarters is in Rome, and our programs and internships take place all over Italy. Given the success of the summer program format, we have also expanded it to programs in Vietnam and Japan.

Our students can work and collaborate with Italian students thanks to an academic collaboration with Università di Roma Tre, Università La Sapienza and ISIA Design School.

GLi has worked with academic institutions from THREE continents and FIVE geographic areas: US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

GLi’s Critical Studies on Food in Italy summer program received its first Educational Project patronage from the Milan Expo 2015.

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Students hosted in our academic programs
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Students hosted in food study tours
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Italian students from Università di Roma Tre, Università La Sapienza and ISIA Design School have participated in projects with GLi students
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guest speakers including every food expert (farmers, food artisans, producers, food business owners) that GLi works with



Center in Italy dedicated to food studies programs abroad.

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Years of Experience

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Permanent professors in our faculty.

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Professors involved in teaching GLi courses.

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International Professors as faculty leaders in faculty-led study abroad programs.

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of our Faculty have a PhD in a food-related field of study.


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Internships positions in Italy for students since 2015.

We offer internship positions thorughout Italy and in several fields according to the student’s needs and goals. Students gain cross-cultural communications skills and get new competencies.

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Collaborating Universities.

We foster strong links with a number of Universities and developed a long lasting partnership with some of them. We also offer the option to become an affiliaetd university and develop a custom program.

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Faculty-Led Programs.

We work with faculty interested in the implementation of unique food-related study abroad programs in Italy. GLi’s academic team is available to design programs that are in line with the needs of faculty and departments by providing academic resources and syllabi.

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Universities for our ‘Critical Studies on Food in Italy’ Summer Program. 

During the summer program, students learn to analyze Italian food and wine, study nutrition, explore local and global food communication trends and work on a video project, and learn the Italian language. 

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