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Gustolab: Food Systems and Sustainability

Gustolab: Food Systems & SustainabilityGustolab: Food Systems & SustainabilityGustolab: Food Systems & Sustainability Pre

HOUSING – Covid19

HOUSING – COVID19 This page contains information that is relevant to all students. It will be updated regularly. What’s incl

Human Rights Lab: Global Migration and the Mediterranean

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Student Life

HOUSING All our programs include housing accommodations. Through our trusted providers, we strive to facilitate housing that provides st

Customized Field Schools

SEMESTER PROGRAMS WITH UIUC Gustolab International partners with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Hobart and William

Direct Enroll Study & Intern Abroad

ITALY Experience Rome with us through our study abroad programs in the spring, summer, or fall. Visit unique sites outside...