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Customized Field Schools

SEMESTER PROGRAMS We can help you develop a customized full semester program. Learn More FACULTY-LED SEMESTER PROGRAMS We can assist wit

Student Voices

We asked students to share their experience with Gustolab International in their own words.

Short Programs

Customized Short Programs WINTER, FALL, SPRING BREAK PROGRAMS Our short programs are customized to consist of activities and tours desig

University-Alumni Tours

Customized Alumni Tours Gustolab International designs and organizes university alumni tours in collaboration with professors and alumni

Faculty-led semester programs

Faculty-led programs Gustolab International has a long experience of developing semester long faculty-led programs.   We work with

Semester Programs

Semester Programs We partner with universities to offer customized study & intern abroad programs in the Fall, Spring & Summer.

Visiting Faculty

OPENING A FACULTY-LED PROGRAM   GLi works with faculty interested in the design and implementation of unique food and sustainability-re

Our Vision

GLi is the first center of study and research in Italy dedicated to academic programs on the theme of Food Studies and Sustainability. G


We take pride in having created a reliable network of community, academic and scientific partners. Through this network we give students

Advisors and Faculty

What sets us apart   Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability (GLi) is a pioneering leader dedicated to academic study ab