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Study and Intern Abroad



Rome is an open-air museum. Spending time getting lost in the backstreets of the historical center, talking to local people to learn about their culture, and tasting typical Roman food will give you a chance to understand the city’s atmosphere.

Experience Rome with us through our study abroad programs in the spring, summer, and fall semesters. We also have internship programs in Rome and in various parts of Italy.


Japanese cuisine, or Washoku, offers invaluable opportunities to think about the intersection of the modern and traditional, local and global, rural and urban, nature and society, taste and waste, our future and sustainability. The program is based in the city of Osaka “the food capital of Japan”. 


Vietnam is an extraordinary country, filled with a remarkable history and culture, and a visual feast for the eyes. This program makes extensive use of the whole country as a site. Students will study at museums, historic and religious sites, markets, restaurants, and farms as part of regular site visits. 


Researchers, professors, students, graduate students and PhD candidates are all welcome at GLi. You would have our support in identifying and accessing resources and contacts, the best people, institutions, and companies in Italy.


Throughout the all year we offer customized internships for students’ needs. The positions are in Rome and in other parts of Italy such as Emilia Romagna, Calabria, Campania and Sicily. Our internships are all about developing skills and academic insights in new settings, languages and cultures.


A detailed course description of each course we offer during the year, completed by information on credit reccomendations and eligibility.

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