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Currently, we provide various types of special programs:

Co-curricular activities for already established programs (in Rome or in other Italian cities).

In conjunction with professors and universities, we can organize activities to complete a course of study: a cooking class or sensory analysis laboratory sessions, customized visits or an eating in the city tour.

In-residence Food Studies programs (for graduate students, professors, scholars and independent researchers).
Food Studies students and creative professionals can participate in in-residence programs while living and working off-site. We offer a home base, facilities, resources and contacts. Please note that Food Studies in-residence programs are only available during certain times of the year and that the application process requires time. We will help you identify the resources and information that fit your requests. If you are interested, please contact

1-week intensive programs

Universities, professional institutes and specialized schools can ask us to design an intensive thematic program customized to the respective field of study. For example, in 2010, we organized a program about food service and innovative food in Italy for ten students from Japan’s Vantan University. They participated in various activities and lessons, collaborating for one day with local restaurants, as well as organizing an event together with the Japanese Embassy and the Italy/Japan Chamber of Commerce.