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Sat Mar 28 2015

Seeds & Chips


GLi Director, Dr. Sonia Massari spoke at Seeds & Chips on Saturday, March 28

Seeds & Chips is the event where food and digital technologies come together. Speaking as a representative of GLi and the Scuola Politencia di Design, her speech session entitled Food Design | Innovation and ITC was shared with  ANTONELLO FUSETTI, Scuola Politecnica di Design, CEO.

 Other speakers at the event include:
 Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President, The James Beard Foundation and Chief Creative Officer, USA Pavilion 2015
  • Johan Jorgensen, Partner AtelierSlice, Curator USA Pavilion Innovation Program
  • Jan Åman, Curator of the USA Pavilion Innovation Program
  • Daniele Pagani, Microsoft Italy, Executive Manager of the USA Pavilion Innovation Accelerator

For more information and to register for the multi-day event, visit Seeds & Chips

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