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Projects with the local community


We believe that interacting with the local community adds value to the study abroad experience.  Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to develop projects with local organizations that are then integrated into the curriculum of our courses and academic internships.  By connecting you to organizations, professionals, students, and local inhabitants, we will give you the tools to delve into and deepen your understanding of the local culture and society. You will learn to go beyond the tourist bubble. You will learn how to connect with and become an active resident in your new temporary home. You will expand your communication skills and learn how to work in an intercultural environment with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Examples include:


Cerealia Festival

GLi Summer Program students in the “Nutrition and Culture” course had the opportunity to participate in the Cerealia festival, conducting research and surveys on lifestyle and the consumption of grains in Italy and abroad.


Students in the GLi “Food Media, Communication and Trends” course worked as video reporters, filming and interviewing participants. They produced two final products: a commercial that the festival still uses worldwide today to showcase their event and a nine minute short documentary that shows the role of Cerealia and the “sagra” festival at large as a means to promote and preserve traditions.

Food Waste Hackathon

Students had the opportunity to participate in the Hack Waste Roma event, a speed hackathon for innovative ideas. The goal was to find creative solutions to limit waste and use food surplus.

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