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Last updated on April 16, 2019

Premio Nazionale per l’Ambiente


Today the event, ‘The Year of Food’, by Movimento Azzurro, presented talks and presentations regarding ‘Food for Man: Anthropology and Religion’. Movimento Azzurro is an Environmental Protection Association that promotes initiatives aimed at enhancing the protection of nature, environmental rehabilitation, and a peaceful relationship with our world. They are based in Rome, through the Vatican, and have worked with every region of Italy to help the environment for the last 30 years. The name ‘azzurro’ was chosen for their group, because it represents our world from a different angle, one from above, in which one can see, the earth is mostly water.

Dante Fasciolo, President of Accademia Scientifica del MA, and Rocco Ciriaco, President of Movimento Azzurro, began with the introduction of the project and outline for the day ahead. Then, there came a series of talks from Professor DiRenzo and Professor Mura, presenting two sides of food’s long history, from the angles of anthropology and religion. The themes of food and sacrality were touched upon from different angles, from the Bible’s holy fare of bread and wine, to hunters and gatherers sacrifices over the fire. The importance of the symbols we have created for our food, and personification of this ID, have played a big part on our development as humanity. Between man and nature, there has always been some kind of sacrifice. There is a long history of symbolism and meaning behind food, but we need to give it the right value, and the value that it deserves. It is important to stay away from the notion of ‘anthropocentrism’, and find our peace with the world in which we belong. We have power with our choices regarding food and it is important to use this power intelligently.

The event continued with the celebration of many key figures doing positive work in protection of the environment, from all around the country. There was a book reading and presentation of ‘Beautiful Abruzzo’, put together from a wide variety of authors. The celebration and diversity of the region of Abruzzo was showcased and a group of musicians in traditional Abruzzese garb, filled the room with a musical show. Then came the presentations of award winners of this years ‘Premio’, followed by a tasting of traditional products from Abruzzo, from different types of cheese, breads, panini and sweets, including bocconotti, traditional stuffed pastry. To wrap it all up, there was an art gallery exhibition featuring a wide variety of multi-disciplinary art with a food focus. There were photorealistic paintings by Valeria Contino of traditional foods of Sicily and photographs from around the globe of people during meals by Marcello Carrozzo, and much more. There was representation from many sides of the gastronomic world. At the end, there was a feeling of celebration for all the good done for the environment, the uniqueness of our precious communities, and the hope for continued progress for our globe.

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