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Internship Projects


A unique field‐based learning experience combining study, observation, and placement with an organization.  Placements are customized according to each student’s academic goals and experience. Students are mentored by the Gustolab International academic advisor and learning facilitator. Additionally, they will receive supervision from their internship site supervisor. 

As part of the curriculum, students conduct research on a specific project or goal and learn how to analyze and present their findings. 

Successful internships are possible due to the relationships that GLi has developed and is constantly renewing with a wide range of exciting local organizations in food and sustainability. 

Below you can find some examples of past placements

Agritourism with a vineyard

  • Internship placement: A family-owned wine resort with a vineyard & olive groves located a few kilometers from Rome. It produces wines in compliance with Italian organic standards and is an example of ecological sustainability.
  • Research paper: Wine tourism around the world

Landscape architecture firm

  • Internship placement: An architecture & landscape design studio in Rome which operates in a transversal way in the disciplines of landscape, architecture and city design
  • Research paper: Architecture, Food and Design

Art gallery in Rome

  • A curatorial project that places at its core the growth of emerging artists, and assists clients in the curation, management and organization of exhibitions, events and workshops.
  • Research paper: Tourism in the Art Galleries in Rome
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