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GLi works with faculty interested in the design and implementation of unique food-related study abroad programs in Italy.


The strength of GLi lies in its 10 years of experience in planning and executing food studies programs as well as in its background as a research center.

GLi collaborates with colleges and universities to enhance their current study abroad experiences or to facilitate the design of new experiential and professional programs and innovative courses on Food by adding value and academic integrity.

GLi’s academic team is available to design programs that are in line with the needs of faculty and departments by providing academic resources and syllabi.

Multifaceted asset

At GLi, faculty will find the support they need to develop an impactful study abroad program and the facilitation they need to engage fully the rich local resources found throughout Italy. Our programs embrace the complexities and depths of the academic study of food within its social, regional, and biological contexts and provide students and faculty with the logistical know-how, creative ideas, and resources to develop their research and field-based study plans.

To learn more about current extensive academic resources and syllabi, as well as to start the conversation about creating an academic food related study abroad program, please contact the GLi Director, Sonia Massari at

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