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Fri Nov 09 2018

MDR goes to Rome: Can health be contagious?


Health and Wellness through the Mediterranean Diet: pursuing the best lifestyle, nutrition and quality of life.

Roma Expo Salus and Nutrition 2018, Fiera di Roma.

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is an international annual conference about sharing scientific contributions and practices on health benefits of Mediterranean Diet on people’s health and wellness. Both local and global scholars and trend setters brought their contributions to discuss different topics about nutrition and dietetic studies, as well as marketing trends and concrete opportunities for promoting awareness about the MD and its inclusion in eating programs. The first session, chaired by Prof. Giovanni Scapagnini (University of Molise), was focused on relevant academic contributions regarding Mediterranean Diet effects on people’s health, analyzed from different perspectives, from risk reduction in chronic diseases, to prevention and therapy for cancer patients and increasing of life expectancy.

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