Fall 2019 Program

Food in Italy: Sustainable Markets, Products and Processes
September 6 – December 14, 2019

Observe and reflect upon differences in ecology and culture between your home country and the Italian peninsula.  Our fall program focuses on issues of sustainability. 

Up to 16 Credits

Open to Students from All Majors

Optional Academic Internship

Courses Offered

Sustainable Food Business and Marketing in Italy

Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet

Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainability & Food Systems

Italian Language (All levels)

Italian Language for Food and Business

Optional Academic Internship

Where You Will Live – Rome as Your Campus

Rome is an open-air museum. Spending time getting lost in the backstreets of the historical center, talking to local people to learn about their culture, and tasting typical Roman food will give you a chance to understand the city’s atmosphere. Slowly, you will create a memory of your favorite area, street, food product, local market, and museum, and be able to create your own story of your personal path in Rome. Experience Rome with us through our study abroad program.

Program Strengths


Full Immersion and Experiential Learning.
In GLi’s programs, the integration of coursework, fieldwork, and projects affords participants a unique perspective for engaging Italy. This engagement is driven by personal experience in markets, neighborhoods, and rural areas as well as reflection on important and timely academic issues.


Global Citizenship and Cross-Cultural Communication. 
The program focuses on a variety of skills needed for students’ future careers and academic plans, such as novel and adaptove thinking and trans-disciplinarity.


Italian Classes Included. 
GLi collaborates with the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome to provide the Italian Language courses. All levels of Italian language and Italian Conversation courses are available. A course aimed to teach technical terms, vocabulary and words used in the specialized field of study and research of the Food Studies is available.

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