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Wed Mar 25 2015

Forum of Education 11th Annual Conference


GLi CEO Pier Alberto Merli attends the Forum’s 11th Annual Conference entitled: It Takes a Campus and More: The Faces of Education Abroad in New Orleans, LA


The value of education abroad for students is undisputed among education abroad professionals. It is the transformative potential of education abroad that inspires their work. However, it takes more than the dedication of the education abroad field to develop and administer successful programs, and to serve students effectively: it takes a campus, and more. Commitment from all stakeholders is essential. Who are the people of education abroad and how do they work together to create a culture that supports the field? What are successful strategies for initiating and maintaining productive collaborations with different entities involved in education abroad? How may we build relationships that extend beyond the home campus, to collaborate with colleagues from different institutions and organizations? How can education abroad professionals advocate for education abroad, to gain the support necessary to serve students from pre-departure through re-entry? The Forum’s Eleventh Annual Conference addresses these and other questions by examining the many faces of education abroad, their diverse perspectives, and how we can all work together to improve the student experience.

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