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Wed Jun 10 2015

Food for tradition – EXPOsures


We will host the seminary “Anthropology and ethics of food communication agribusiness” in collaboration with the 2015 Cerealia Festival at our spaces in Via Giulia 130.

Speakers of the events: Ernesto Di Renzo Professor of History of Popular Traditions – Department of History – University of Rome Tor Vergata, Sonia Massari director of Gustolab Institute, Giuseppe Knuckle professor of food science, Damir Fabijanic director of the Croatian magazine “Ice & Pice”, Alessandra Moneti Ansa journalist, Giuliano De Risi journalist and former director Agi communications expert institution, Giuliano Palomba territorial Coordination for the Environment national Park Altamura CFS, moderates Tiziana Briguglio journalist.
At the end Etna wine tasting by Irene Badala.
The event is part of “EXPOsures: 10 food stories“, a series of events that we are launching to celebrate our 10 years of activities and the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

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