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Last updated on April 15, 2019

Ernesto Gastaldi Presentation


Sciltian Gastaldi’s father presented during the Contemporary Italian Society class.

This week, the Contemporary Italian Society course had a “material hypertextual class”, which was a lecture about Italian Cinema and Spaghetti Westerns with the presence of screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi. Gastaldi has written 120 movies including many Spaghetti Westerns. Among them is “My Name is Nobody” directed by Tonino Valerii, which students watched for the course and also discussed in a brief lecture regarding this film genre. Spaghetti westerns can be defined as Italian made films from the 1960s/70s, that depict the Old West. Students had a chance to interact with Mr. Gastaldi and hear some detailed anecdotes about his professional experience with directors such as Sergio Leone and Tonino Valerii. They gained valuable information about the history and influence of this type of film, and also insight into the real life experience from a well known Italian writer. We would like to thank Mr. Gastaldi for his time and sharing his experience!

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