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Academic Internships abroad

Throughout the year, we offer a rich variety of customized academic internships in Italy. Our academic internships are field‐based learning experience combining study, observation, and placement with an organization.  You will receive mentoring from the Gustolab International academic advisor and learning facilitator. Additionally, you will receive guidance from your internship site supervisor. Internships are unpaid, and focus on developing skills and academic insights in new settings, languages and cultures.


Gain a competitive advantage for your future career.

Get invaluable insights into the many aspects of food systems, sustainability and related fields in Italy

Understand Italian culture and business practices. Learn about the organizational, cultural & social dynamics of organizations.

Learn how to successfully navigate a new cultural environment

Strengthen intercultural communication skills and basic Italian language skills.

Gain new hard skills and help identify solutions, create communication plans, and propose innovative products and services.

Make new contacts in a facilitated environment and grow your international network

Customized placements according to your background, expertise & needs.

  • Sustainable farming or learning about a specific product such as cheese in Italy.
  • Coffee and culture of coffee in Italy​
  • Innovative startups working on sustainability, the green economy or the food industry.
  • Food and wine journalism
  • The Mediterranean culture, working with experts or nutritionists.
  • Food justice, food activism, educating consumers about sustainable behaviors

What is included?

Six to eight hours a day on experiential learning at the placement site, a research project & Italian language instruction.

Support of Academic Supervisor, Onsite supervisor & Learning Facilitator.

Shared accommodations in furnished apartments or possibility to be hosted at the internship site.

Cultural & safety orientations, professional skills & intercultural communication seminar.

Experiential co-curricular activities & a research symposium

Group airport pickup and transfer, check-in support, 24/7 emergency assistance & logistical support

Who can apply?

Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students.  Professionals and scholars are also welcome to apply.  If you are a freshman or sophomore and would like to petition to apply, please contact us. No prior study of Italian is required.

Internship description and credits

The internship is approved as ESM 404 by Portland State University (PSU). It is variable in credits, but generally equates to 40 hours per credit.  PSU is on the quarter-system calendar. Semester credits from other accredited United States schools may be converted to PSU’s credits by multiplying by 1.5. Learn more   Please work with your home university study abroad office to assure full credit. If you would like to petition for more hours, please contact us.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following two internships



  • Spring or Fall.
  • The Combined Onsite Academic Internship includes 80 hours of academic internship experience carried out in parallel with other coursework.



  • Spring, Summer or Fall.
  • In the spring and fall semesters, the Full Onsite Academic Internship includes 160 hours of academic internship experience carried out over 4 months. By request more intensive internships of 4, 8 or 12 weeks are possible; internship hours remain the same, housing fees are prorated for reduced stay. 
  • For the summer, this internship is concentrated into a 1 month period.



Depends on length of internship. Includes mentoring, placement and supervision, Italian language instruction, research project supervision, academic and co-curricular field trips, orientation costs, transportation monthly pass, 24/7 Emergency support, application and internship paperwork, work related insurance,  accommodations, airport pickup and transfer  & logistical support. International airfare not included. Customized prices are available. To learn more, please visit:


Gustolab International is pleased to facilitate the housing arrangement process for students with an experienced housing provider in Rome to provide shared or single rooming options in shared apartments. 

Placement locations

Rome and surrounding areas. We are also able to accommodate requests for placements in other parts of Italy such as Emilia Romagna, Calabria, Campania and Sicily.

Applications for the Spring 2022 semester are open

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