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Independent Studies


Are you a researcher, professor or student conducting research or writing a paper/thesis/dissertation on a subject related to food or sustainability?

Are you a graduate student or a PHD candidate who is looking for classes or independent activities that would give you graduate course credits?

Would you like to collaborate with Gustolab Institute on a project relative to your research/thesis/dissertation or participate in one of our programs, and, at the same time, write part of your thesis?

Are you a researcher interested in bringing your research to Gustolab Institute, or do you have inquiries related to possible collaborations?

Would you like to participate in experiments or research in the food and sustainability fields organized by Gustolab Institute? Participation is open to everyone: Italian students, foreigners, researchers, scholars, professors etc.


We can work with you even from a distance. We can also design customized study abroad or residency programs, catered to your research and study. You would have our support in identifying and accessing resources and contacts, the best people, institutions, and companies in Italy.

Please Contact Us and we will help you create the perfect solution to your needs.


Learn about current and past research initiatives, discover some of our research topics that culminated in publications, and conferences and events we participated to.
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