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Independent Studies



We design tailored research and study opportunities for individuals interested in collaborating with us.  Whether you ar a student, researcher, scholar, professor or professional, we can help you with your goals.

You can have our support in identifying and accessing among our wide network of local resources, contacts, institutions, and companies in Italy. We also have connections in Japan & Vietnam.

Are you a student conducting research or writing a paper, thesis, or dissertation on a subject related to food or sustainability?

Are you a graduate student or a PHD candidate who is looking for courses or research opportunities that could count towards your graduate course credits?

Are you a writer conducting research for a book on food or sustainabiilty, and need help finding contacts or connecting with local instiutions?

Are you a professor or researcher interested in conducting your research with the help of Gustolab International?

Do you want to participate in projects in the food and sustainability fields by Gustolab International or its partners?



Contact Us and we will help you create the perfect solution to your needs.


Learn about past research initiatives, including topics that culminated in publications, & about our participation in conferences & events.
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