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Last updated on April 15, 2019

China-Italy science, technology and innovation program Settimana Italia-Cina della Scienza, della Tecnologia e dell’Innovazione


The aim of the China-Italy science, technology and innovation program in Rome was to promote cooperation between Italy and China across every aspect of innovation in the science and technology industry. The program consisted of thematic seminars which mainly focused on the role of technology in healthcare, nutrition, and cultural heritage preservation.

The role of technology in healthcare nutrition and aging
ALISEI is a cluster which includes four different companies and four research organisations. Its aim is to promote collaboration and facilitate access to medicines through technology.
SAIC is the organisation who is charge of checking imported products in China, if products (especially food products) do not meet the requirements listed on their website they will not be imported in China.

The role of technology for preserving and promoting cultural heritage
Digital technologies offer new modern tools for cultural heritage preservation and promotion. China is now using technology in three different ways:

  1. To bring its ancient monuments and old abandoned villages back to life
  2. To upgrade its attractions and promote tourism (turning museum visits into a multi-sensory experience).
  3. To transform cities into art and cultural centres.

The program is structured in the following way:
-4th of December, Milan: Italy China Innovation Forum;

-5th of December, Rome: Territorial Focus Rome on Digital Transformation for Health and Smart Culture

-6th of December, Cagliari: Territorial FOcus Cagliari on the new frontieers of ICT, physics and astrophysics.

-6th of December, Naples: Sino-Italian exchange event promoted by Regione campania

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