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Travel Planning: Using Money in Italy

As you plan to travel to Italy, you are probably thinking of how to budget and use money. Below, we are listing some basic information a

Update on 2022 programs

Gustolab International continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus pandemic globally, particularly in Italy, Japan and Vietnam. We take

Staff Vaccinations

In Italy, COVID-19 vaccinations are available to educators and our staff is currently receiving vaccinations. As per our policy, we will

Travel Planning: Packing checklist

Never has a student complained about packing too little for their study abroad program. Over-packing is a classic mistake in study abro

Student life: Working out and sports in Rome

Want to play sports in Rome? There are lots of opportunities for students to stay fit in Rome, and many want to usually join a sports te

Explore locations: Italy

Why study abroad in Italy?   What comes to your mind when you think about Italy? Delicious food? Yes! Culture, art and history? Yes

Explore locations: Rome

Rome went from being papal city to a national symbol as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy to the capital of a new republic to global r

Spring Break Program

  The University of Illinois Gies Business School students arrived to Rome on a Sunday. They were here to experience  “The Busin

MDR goes to Rome: Can health be contagious?

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is an international annual conference about sharing scientific contributions and practices on he

Building Resilience in Study Abroad

The workshop, lead by Phil Georgiou, Psychotherapist and Director of Mondo Equilibrio focused on the concept of mental health, in the co