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China-Italy science, technology and innovation program Settimana Italia-Cina della Scienza, della Tecnologia e dell’Innovazione

The aim of the China-Italy science, technology and innovation program in Rome was to promote cooperation between Italy and China across every aspect of innovation in the science and technology industry. The program consisted of thematic seminars which mainly focused on the role of technology in healthcare, nutrition, and cultural heritage preservation. The role of…Read More

Food Studies

What is Food Studies? Food studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the relationship between food and the human experience, from nature and biology, to social relations and global and local systems. Food, its production, distribution, preparation, consumption, disposal and meaning, provide a means to dive deeper into social, cultural, economic, environmental and global issues….Read More

Premio Nazionale per l’Ambiente

Today the event, ‘The Year of Food’, by Movimento Azzurro, presented talks and presentations regarding ‘Food for Man: Anthropology and Religion’. Movimento Azzurro is an Environmental Protection Association that promotes initiatives aimed at enhancing the protection of nature, environmental rehabilitation, and a peaceful relationship with our world. They are based in Rome, through the Vatican,…Read More

Il Degustabirra al Mercato Centrale

Last night, our internship students from UIUC had the opportunity to attend a beer tasting event called ‘Degustabirra’ at Mercato Centrale presented by Mauro Discepolo, the Beer Culture Manager at Heineken. The evening included a detailed presentation about the process of beer making following by a beer tasting. Mauro explained with detail the steps and…Read More

International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is celebrated on December 18 every year. According to the UN Parliament, “The EU significantly increased its funding for migration, asylum and integration policies in the wake of the increased inflow of asylum seekers in 2015. In the forthcoming negotiations on the EU’s post-2020 budget, Parliament will call for additional funding for…Read More

Our Director meets with Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT – was created with the objective of promoting Italy’s technological development and higher education in science and technology. IIT aims to promote excellence in basic and applied research and to promote the development of the national economy. Our Director, Sonia Massari met with Giovanni Perotto, Post Doc. Line: Smart…Read More

Food Waste

Today marks the ‘National Day Against Food Waste’. This is a crucial topic not only in Italy, but worldwide, as one third of global food production is wasted. This causes many problems for our planet with the rise of greenhouse gases and also to humanity, with neglecting issues such as hunger and malnutrition. We could…Read More