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Gustolab International works with community partners in order to provide students with a complete and rewarding academic experience, not only in the classroom but also within the local community. We care about helping our students understand the real challenges local organizations face and offering them a wide variety of occasions for cultural immersion.

We work closely with associations, non profit organizations and startups that share our mission to create tailored learning opportunities that bring the community and the students together in a beneficial exchange. 


Some of our national and local Roman community partners are:


Linaria is an independent and nonprofit association, based in Italy, created with the aim of promoting a new culture of urban sustainable gardens. Experimentation, recycle, self-construction and sharing are the keywords of Linaria’s innovative approach to contemporary urban landscape. The transformation actions are developed by Linaria with a strict connection to potential existing resources that are shapeless in the starting condition of the space: its previous use is revolutionized and this process also involves the intangible relationships that may take place in the projected space. Linaria believes in botanical, social and cultural diversity as an important value to be defended and as a resource for the enrichment of city life. 

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The objective of Associazione dei Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma (Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome) is the promotion, protection, development and dissemination of knowledge of the business history of excellence in Rome. It includes historical shops of excellence in Rome that are able to meet future challenges of the market and be a representation for the city as witness of entrepreneurship through their organization, history, tradition, passion, knowledge and ability.
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Lazio Innova is in charge of the development of the Lazio region and deals with management of project activities. It’s objectives include achieving economic growth and territorial development and giving innovation support.
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Centro Agroalimentare Roma (CAR) is one of the most important centers for fruit, vegetables and fish products in Europe.
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Casato Filo della Rosa Onlus and Progetto Petronilla is an association dedicated to serve people and the territory responding to challenges related to social inclusiveness, aiming to better the quality of life of the most vulnerable. 

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Equoevento Onlus is a non profit organization ideated in 2013 by four young professionals who noticed how much food was wasted at events and decidided to act against it by collecting and donating the food surplus to charities.

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Binario 95 is a reality managed by Europe Consulting ONLUS. Its activiies are directed to the homeless community. It works to offer protection, inclusivity and both psychological and practical support. The personnel offers its help to look for a job, a house or a facility to spend the night. 

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Intrecci, a hospitality institute was ideated by Dominga, Enrica and Marta Cotarella, from their strong family know-how in the enology field and their experience with the Falesco winery. The aim of Intrecci’s project is to educate new professionals with front-of-the-house skills to revolutionize the world of food and wine service.

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We have also created strong links with institutions throughout Italy. Our network presents a strong focus in the areas of Cilento, Calabria, Puglia and Milan. Students have the opportunity to visit some of these realities during their study abroad time or to work with them as interns. 

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