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GLi works with faculty interested in the design and implementation of unique food and sustainability-related study abroad programs in Italy. By working with us, faculty will benefit from:

Our Experience

10 years of experience in planning and executing food studies programs as well as in its background as a research center

GLi collaborates with colleges and universities to enhance their current study abroad experiences 

Gli supports faculty in the design of new experiential and professional programs and innovative courses on Food by adding value and academic intergrity

GLi's academic team is available to design programs that are in line with the needs of faculty and departments by providing academic resources and syllabi

Our Multifaceted Asset

Faculty will find the support to develop an impactful study abroad program

GLi will provide the facilitation faculty need to engage fully the rich local resources found throughout Italy

GLi's programs embrace the complexities and depths of the academic study of food within its social, regional, and biological contexts

Through our programs we provide students and faculty with the logistical know-how, creative ideas, and resources to develop their research and field-based study plans



Faculty, study abroad directors and administrators concur that Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability (GLI) is essential to their students’ academic enrichment.


Attentive staff, expert professors, and prominent figures in their respective fields.

Focus on experiential learning that aligns with diverse curriculum and majors. The study of food and sustainability encompasses all fields.

Integrated programs suited to a wide array of disciplines within the biological, social, and cultural sciences. Students even come from the departments of economics, business, advertising, marketing, psychology, sociology, language, nutrition, environmental studies, sustainability, architecture and design.

We have collaborated in the design and implementation of over twenty faculty-led programs to Italy.

We have hosted more than thirty faculty members on visiting appointments at our Institute.

“Food is life. Seeing literally the way people eat, is a way of seeing how they live. Highlighted is the fact that Italy is a natural laboratory, one of the best destinations to study food and nutrition. Rome and its environs are the ideal classroom.”
Professor Tinkler
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

To learn more about current extensive academic resources and syllabi, as well as to start the conversation about creating an academic food and sustainability related study abroad program, please Contact Us ›.


If you want to know more about how to become an affiliated university and the opportunities deriving from partnering with GLi visit the Affiliated Universities Webpage ›



Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability invites statements of interest from visiting faculty who would like to teach food-related courses in Italy. We have spring, summer, and fall programs, as well as short-term programs. Our courses attract bright students from across the United States (and beyond).

Please send us a message outlining your background as well as teaching and research interests and experience. We would be happy to discuss a visiting appointment. Contact us ›

Are you a Professor visiting Italy?

We also welcome visitors to our programs in Italy. Please let us know if you would like to visit us and, perhaps, to sit in on a class or field trip. We would be happy to give students the opportunity to listen to your lecture and to learn about an additional aspect of one of the topics we teach. 



The mission of Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability (GLI) is to promote research and education on food studies and sustainability, especially as it relates to experiential programs for undergraduate or graduate students, as well as for faculty. We have excellent networks across Italy and can assist researchers in establishing contacts. We also have visiting teaching appointments which can be used to explore or develop research projects.


For more information visit our dedicated webpage ›


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