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Our Open Programs are available for individual student enrollment (or small groups). Our Custom Programs are designed in cooperation with your institution and often one or more of your faculty members to serve your educational goals abroad. Through our affiliation, we aim to to fulfill student educational goals through a positive learning environment, and develop a cooperative relationship with the affiliated institution. This partnership may also include shared content plans, connection via webinar or social media, connections with student groups or various other collaborations.


Additionally, GLi will provide a grant to students from affiliated institutions enrolling in our Open Enrollment Programs. These grants will be applied directly to each student’s program invoice as a reduction of the program fee. Custom Programs are catered to each institution’s focus and can include extensive site visits, specialized lectures, and activities designed to provide maximum engagement between students, the settings and local citizens. Gustolab International understands the importance of providing a quality learning environment and support services for students abroad. We are ready to work with our affiliates to help shape the education and learning goals for our students and take advantage of this bright opportunity ahead.


We have built a strong network of academic partnerships and collaborations around the globe. To learn about which institutions are part of our network, visit our Academic Institutions page ›

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