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Admin Guideline




Use the clone button on page/post list screen to duplicate them. After this action, a new Post or Page will be added and saved as “draft”.

Edit this one through the classic editor. After the edit screen will be ready, remove on box categories the “templates” category. Then you can start to edit the content and settings as you wish


here a list of available templates:

right sidebar example

left sidebar example

left and right sidebar example

full page example (no sidebar)

Custom Page Settings example

wordpress content editor example

wordpress gutenberg editor example

Sidebar widgets example

Elementor – Full page

Elementor – custom menu in sidebar

Elementor – elementor inside default content


admin menu

use .label class
add “label” class on empty link. it generates a wrap class in order to create asides items block. It works everytime a class label were found generating the next one.
See the picture below as example

use .button class
Button class generate a special aspect on your menu item. At the moment it works only on Header-Brand box and Footer