Enrich students' portfolios

We believe in our students and their ideas
From Food Media to Sustainable Studies

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launches new programs for the Summer and Fall Semesters.
HWS students enjoy Italy

We host faculty-led programs which connect Food with Arts, Architecture, Archaeology, Anthropology, Travel, Writing and Literature.
NYU Food Studies graduate students

Future food experts explore Italy, learn about the current economic landscape,
expand their network, and learn new insights that enrich their research objectives.
Oswego Suny Spring break Honors program

One-week programs provide students with an intensive learning opportunity and cultural experience that enriches their critical perspectives.
Enlarging students views and knowledge

Students gain insight about different industrial and artisan professions.
They learn about different crafts such as making cheese and expand their knowledge about food enterprises.
Mediterranean Food Tours for the University of Redlands

Masters students learn about food businesses at GLi.